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On the Road


Life is a journey. People always look around while they are on the road. The scenery sometimes is confusing. People may have the feeling that there is no end in sight. Then, looking through the scenery to seek answers, it becomes possible to feel each detail of the journey's every drop of joy, anger, sorrow – even becoming a trance. It seems to be a journey with no beginning and no end. To find the quiet corner of your heart, you must separate the bustling noise, and the comings and goings of people who have nothing to do with you. Everyone in this game of life must journey through the clutter to find their reflection.


The scenes were shot in a roadside motel in North America, not a fancy space; just a quiet small room. There seems to be a tiny indifferent between the two, but also quietly enjoying each other's company. Perhaps they will have their own next exit. Life is a journey; it will complete itself finally.

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