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Window by Fang Tong

Fang Tong is a Chinese-born Canadian. Currently she is living in Vancouver BC.

Throughout her career, She has explored many aspects of traditional visual media - specifically oil painting, sculpture, installation art and digital media such as 2D and 3D design, and this has brought her great satisfaction.Gradually, she became intrigued with photography. Through the lens, it opens up a great world where she feels so much passion.

It is often said that eyes are windows to the soul. When we think of windows, we usually look through the window at the scenery and the world. This time I want to change the perspective by looking from outside the window to inside to see different emotions and situations.

There is a man sitting alone in a shabby house; there are couples comforting each other; there are couples in conflict with each other; there is a mother and daughter's ordinary life; there is a beautiful young woman drinking alone in an empty house and so on.

Inside the small window, under the different roofs, there are stories full of sorrow, joy, memories, waiting etc. This is life.

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