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Fang Tong

Fang Tong is a Canadian of Chinese origin living in Vancouver.

During his career he dealt with many traditional visual arts - painting, oil painting, sculpture, installations, and design two- and three-dimensional. They all provide its always a lot of satisfaction.

Over time, interest Fang headed toward the photo. The world through a lens in front of her began to open a whole new layers of emotions. Photos, which creates provoke viewers to create a story based on the film shots. Some of them may not have a clearly defined content, but never lacking the pronounced emotions and the atmosphere around the entire frame. Visual world seems surprisingly familiar, while the narrative runs through the land of the products of the human subconscious.

Fang loves when her works verge on surrealism, while being firmly anchored in reality. It is the balance between reality and the surreal curvature is the most important point of the work of the artist.

Users Wide Kadru decided to present the project "Roadside Motel". This series is a continuation of the project "On the Road". Life is a journey. People traveling have eyes wide open. One pair - a roadside motel. In our lives, forever in motion, there is a need to stop to give the mind a respite. Stay in a small, quiet roadside motel. Let the sunlight lit up every centimeter of your skin. Give consent to the passage of time, get rid of fatigue. Feel anew every moment of their life journey - every particle of joy, anger and sadness mixed with clarity of mind.

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