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Fang Tong - Looking in the window

The award-winning Canadian photographer Fang Tong, through film scene looks at human life through the window ...

Aboutwhether they are windows to the soul "- writes the author of the photographic project" Window "- Fang Tong." When we think about the windows, imagine looking through them to the world outside. This time I wanted to change the perspective - to look through the window from the other side and present the pictures different emotions and situations. "

When we look at the photographs Fang Tong, we can feel unusual, dreamlike atmosphere. She says author herself - "My photographs may not show the specific story, but by the overall atmosphere ofbalance on the border between surrealism and reality . Through the cinematographic images of trying to provoke viewers to create their narrative that takes them on a visual journey through the human subconscious. I love the balancing act between dream and reality, which draws the audience into my world. "

"In a small window, under many different roofs, there is a lot of history full of sadness, happiness, memories, expectations ... This is what life is." - These words describe your project Fang. It is hard to disagree with them.

The "Window" was created using a camera Nikon D810 and lens of the same company.

The whole project can see in the gallery Behance author .

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